Makeup Sale: Operation De-Clutter

It's time to get my makeup life in order.  As a vlogger, we purchase many things for the sake of sampling, using and hopefully falling in love with.  Other times, we purchase on a "splurge" and never use the items we collect.  I find that I'm somewhere in between.  I have carefully started going through my collection and noticed that I have only one set of eyes, one pair of lips and basically one face! The makeup that I have accumulated will never be used in an entire lifetime.

Instead of tossing all of this greatness, I have decided to sell it at discounted prices. Most of the items you will find are in excellent condition with the exception that it may have been gently used, lightly swatched or sometimes, not used at all.  If you are trying to add to your existing kit, continue your makeup addiction or even know someone that is new to makeup that would love an item....I invite you to head over to my Makeup Sale hosted by Bigcartel  --->  Koko's Treasure Chest 

Please make sure to read the DISCLAIMER page before purchasing items.  I appreciate all the love and support thus far.  This purge is definitely the start of greater things to come not just here on my blog but for all of my Social Media platforms.


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