Ruby Kisses "Matte" Lip Lacquers

As the latest craze of liquid lipsticks continue to be marketed, Ruby Kisses has launched the New Matte Lip Lacquers. If you are expecting these to perform the same way as Anastasia, Sephora's Lip Stains, L.A. Splash, Lime Crime or Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, you will be disappointed.

Ruby Kisses has named these "Matte" but unfortunately, they do NOT live up to their name. I would've been better with idea of these being called, "Creamy Extended Wear Lacquers" because that is the potential they live up to be. After 30 minutes of wear, these never got matte. Although the consistency changed, I was able to wipe them off after a short period of time.

I can say that these are very creamy, highly pigmented and appear to have a few hours of staying power (provided you don't eat or drink). They retail for $3.99 each. I purchased 12 out of the 14 from Luxe Beauty Supply. Here are the pics of the ones I purchased.

A pastel peach (paired w/ Mac's Bittersweet/Vino liners)

A soft muted pink (paired w/ Mac's Bittersweet liner)

A bright pinky coral (paired w/ ColourPop's LBB liner)

A bright baby pink (paired w/ Mac's Vino liner)

A candy pink (paired w/ Mac's Vino liner) 

A true orange (paired w/ Mac's Bittersweet liner)

A pastel lavender (paired w/ Mac's Grape liner)

A true red (paired w/ Mac's Vino liner)

A mauve purple (paired w/ Mac's Vino liner)

A deep brownish red (paired w/ Mac's Nightmoth liner)

A pastel light gray (paired w/ a random black liner)

A bright teal-blue (paired w/ Mac's Marine Ultra liner)

If you missed out on my YouTube Review of the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers, make sure you click the link to my YouTube Channel ---> Koko's YouTube Review


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