Milani Matte Lipstick

The highly anticipated Milani Matte Lipsticks are here. I found them at my local Walgreens for $5.79 each (prices will vary depending on your area). The formula is unique to the Milani brand and true to previous launches of smooth and creamy textured lipsticks. They do not disappoint. Swatches were even and pigmented all the way through. They smell like normal lipsticks. My only CON if you will is that you have to make sure you moisturize and or exfoliate your lips prior to wearing these. They will settle in the fine lines of any pair of dry lips.  

There were a total of (8) colors that launched: Matte Innocence, Matte Nude, Matte Blissful, Matte Diva, Matte Orchid, Matte Glam, Matte Passion and Matte Confident. 

 A nude beige (paired w/ Mac's Bittersweet liner)

A pinky nude slight similarity to Innocence (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet liner)

A soft muted pink (paired w/ Mac Vino liner)

A bright pink (paired w/ Mac Vino liner)

A mauve pink (paired w/ Mac Vino liner)

A nice purple *Heroine Dupe Alert* (paired w/ Mac Nightmoth liner)

A tangerine colored orange (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet liner)

A deep berry red (paired w/ Mac Nightmoth liner)

If you missed my FULL VIDEO featuring these colors and a few other products Milani Cosmetics has to offer for 2015, please check out my YouTube video. (Kokofemme)


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