Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks

Jordana Cosmetics has released their new line of Modern Matte Lipsticks. The formula is pigmented and moisturizing. The best part is the price of only $2.49 at your local Walgreens. I picked up 7 colors (Blush, Frappuccino, Pretty, Adorable, It Girl, Dare and Caliente). Although the colors are nothing shy of what we've seen from other brands, the price and new look of packaging is enough to try at least one or two...right!? 

From left to right: Caliente, It Girl, Dare, Adorable, Frappuccino, Pretty and Blush

A neutral brown color (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet liner)
A brownish color (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet liner)

A pinky coral (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet liner)

 A blue base pink color (paired w/ Mac Vino liner)

A plum magenta color (paired w/ Mac Vino liner)

A deep plum color (paired w/ Mac Nightmoth liner)

A red-orange color (paired w/ Mac Bittersweet & Nightmoth liner)

So which ones were YOUR favorite? Did you purchase any yet?


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