JCat Beauty presents:: Pout-Holic Lipsticks

I reviewed JCat Beauty last summer so of course I wanted to share their latest launch of lipstick called POUT-HOLIC. The formula is super pigmented, creamy and moisturizing on the lips. Although the packaging is inexpensive, the product within does not disappoint! They do have a medicinal, minty eucalyptus type of scent but not too overpowering. Here are swatches and individual pics.

 A creamy pigmentation and great color payoff
$3.99 each JCat Beauty

A pastel lime green (wasn't a fan of this color for me)

A pastel coral (paired with Mac's Bittersweet lip pencil)

A nice pink (paired with Mac's Bittersweet lip pencil)

A very pretty pastel violet purple (paired lightly with Mac's Nightmoth lip pencil)

A berry burgundy *definitely a fav* (paired with Mac's Nightmoth lip pencil)

A jeweled tone blue *smoother than Melt Cosmetics DGAF* 

A bluish toned gray *smoother than Melt Cosmetics SpaceCake* 

If you missed out on my LIVE review of these POUT-HOLIC lipsticks, please make sure you check out my YouTube Review here --> KOKO'S REVIEW:: JCat Beauty POUT-HOLIC Lipsticks


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