Makeup Meetup in Atlanta

Attention all Makeup Artist, Makeup Lovers or Makeup Enthusiasts....have you signed up for Meetup? This is a unique site that will allow you to create an account, choose your preferences and be informed of ALL meetup events (depending on your preferences) in the Atlanta area. How awesome is this?

I attended my first Meetup on Saturday 9/21/13 with my Makeup Sister Monica of Makeup Rush. The hostess with the mostess was non other than Ren Monteloyola! Her cohost was the owner of a new Art Supply Store in Atlanta called Binders. The Meetup was a FREE CLASS that focused on Color Correction and a ton of other info, tips and tricks shared by Ren. We also got the chance to get some insight on Beauty Branding from Toni V. Martin of International Association of Beauty Brands. As if that wasn't enough goodness in one event, Ren also did giveaways of great products and a brush set from the Sedona Lace Line she helped create. 

 Monica, Ren and Kokofemme

I don't know about you but if you've never attended a makeup class or meetup, I would highly recommend you do so. Networking with your peers, getting info, learning new techniques, sharing tips that you may have learned are all reasons to become a part of something great right here in Atlanta!! 

Kokofemme and TheReturnQueen


  1. Looks lovely. Wish i'd known, I was actually free.

    1. Crysssss! Shame on me for failing to inform you. I have no excuse especially after reading your last email. My apologies! It was a great event nonetheless but would have been super duper if your were there!


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