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I cut my locs!!

When you hear that your favorite blogger has decided to cut off their locs, the first thing you think is 'HOW DARE THEY DO THAT'! At least that's what I have thought in the past before realizing that cultivating locs is a journey.  A journey that will consist of growth as well as non-growth.

I have been loc'd and loaded since May 2008 and this year (2017) makes my 9th year.  Within those 9 years, I have experienced, growth and length but over the past few years I have also experienced terrible thinning, breakage and some that have come out at the root.

I believe that great loc growth stems from your diet as well as the things you consume internally. When these things are off balanced, your hair growth will suffer. I decided that I wanted healthy locs as opposed to just length.  My locs were beautiful at first glance but my Loctician Stylist April B and I knew the behind the scenes story. On March 15, 2017, I decided to cut my locs.


Since my cut, of cour…

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